The building adapts to this climate and the site, which is right at the entrance of the town, with a 3 meters slope between the front and the back sides. The municipality has worked hard for many years in order to be able to build this small place, which is meant to be one of the centres of the future Muntanyes de Prades Natural Park. The commission was to build only the ground floor.  

During the project process, the mayor got a public subvention to build an extension at the first floor, where a communal meeting room was to be placed. Right before the start of the construction work, some more money came in to build a storage room at the basement. The limited budget helped us to work with a direct architecture, with no retorics. However, in the entrance handrail, we suggested a game for the carpenter: to assemble the word Informació with the leftovers of the wooden floor, during one day of work.