So Pratdip is a windy town.
The site has a soil wall on its back. The new reinforced concrete wall and slab structure of the building hangs on that wall, freeing space for the children's playground, separating and orienting itself into three ceramic bodies (classrooms facing east, dining and siesta room facing south...).  The kindergarten stands between this concrete wall and a ceramic lattice that rolls all over the site limiting it (entrance, playground, porch...), hiding from the wind.

 The soil-covered roof, on top of these bodies, is at the same level as the back terrace, a small park for weekends. The construction system and materiality learn from the surrounding farms. 
The roof of the two intersticial spaces opens to north, so a steady light and ventilation of the common spaces is provided.
The inner walls of the ceramic bodies are plywood board. The skirting board is green blackboard.
In order to be on time to get a government's subvention, the project had to be done from November 2nd to December 20th.