Eduard, the owner of that space, wanted Felipe, who lived right next door, to be the builder. He had known him for many years, and he was the builder of his mother's house in the same street. He was so sure that Felipe was the right person to take care of the construction process that we waited almost a year for him to recover from surgery. The waiting was worth it. We also could count with  German, the carpenter from the neighbor town. He had a rumanian collaborator who was very skilled and generous. They made three-layer panels with local pine at their workshop. We reused parts of the new beams for the roof as chairs for the celebration space.
We cleaned and reused all the burnt stone we could, the rest was taken from Felipe's personal stone surplus.

Architecture: David Tapias, Núria Salvadó
Architecture collaborator: Pep Anglès
Bill of quantities: David Tapias, Núria Salvadó
M/E: Josep M. Delmuns
Constructors: Felipe Pueyo (builder), German Esteve (carpenter).