As all human activities, this house is the result of a collaboration. In this particular case, we worked together with our friends Cristina Goberna and Urtzi Grau from FKAA. If a project's means of production is an important factor, here it is even more crucial: the typical triangle of client-architect-contractor became almost a square. The project was thought and talked in New York and Reus, sometimes via Skype, sometimes physically together. The intense debates added a complexity that somehow has allowed this project to survive a number of unforeseen accidents. A clearer understanding of this house would be somewhere between Cristina and Urtzi's explanation, ours and the OEs'. All of them, as Rashomon, are incomplete.

 Unlike Wikileaks, we must edit a house story in order to explain it. It is too long, too complex, too alive, too contradictory, too communal, to know the facts as they are. Only this house climatic and energetic performance are somehow measurable. The pleasure it builds upon the OEs belongs to the qualities scope, only left for them and us to share.