Local builders were either busy or too expensive. We had to look for a contractor from another town. The clients knew a small-town builder that was mainly working with big petrochemical companies maintenance, but who was still keeping some really high skilled craftsmen. This uncommon combination seemed to perfectly fit how the house was designed. The house is made of a semi-prefabricated system, that could be built in twelve months -a fast house. But the contractor was so busy with the petrochemicals, that changed it into a slow house -a really slow house. So slow that we have been lucky enough to become good friends with most of the people who has collaborated in the construction of this house.

The project was born right in the beginning of the big economical crisis in Spain. When we started its construction, the crisis had already hit really hard, and the bank only gave the OEs 70% of what they had initially agreed. So we had to find ways to build it for much less money. Taking out things, simplifying solutions, in order not to just reduce, but to improve the overall quality of the house.