All design solutions were thought to make the construction process really easy, taking out material instead of adding layers of stuff. The only sophistication was Big -big windows, big doors, high roofs, big shades, big porches, big vaults, big light, big air. 
The two very different living conditions demanded different construction systems for both floors, with a very light steel structure as the main frame for them. From totally standardised solutions for the ground floor roof, to a custom made catalan vault for the first floor.

Avantprojecte: Fake Industries (Urtzi Grau and Cristina Goberna).
Projecte basic i executiu: Fake Industries + aixopluc.
Construction coordination: aixopluc.
Architecture collaborators: Laia Diaz, Gerard Marmolejo, Ricard Pau.
Arquitecte tècnic: Jordi Royo.
Bill of quantities: aixopluc.
M/E: Josep M. Delmuns.
Constructors: Saura, Florentin (carpenter), Zamar (services).

Tool shacks and rain water tank on site, among the hazel trees field. They were not an inspiration.