Everybody knows that when building something, it is important to put the money in the right places. This is even more relevant in low budget commissions. Instead of installing regenerative energy devices, it would be better in the long term to develop an efficient conservative and selective weather system. Cork is a natural product, that provides good insulation, protection from the rain and porosity at the same time. There used to be some old brick kilns in the area but they all shut down in recent years. It is easier to look for standardized materials and construction systems, so everybody can build it. Concrete blocks are a good option for they are fast and cheap to build and they have a kind porous quality. 

In this project we are lucky enough to collaborate with Pau Pérez, from whom we keep learning and enjoying our job every time we meet.
Architecture: David Tapias, project director; Ricard Pau, Carlos Gonzalvo, Daniel Chapman, collaborators.
Building engineer: Plàcid Alegret.
M/E: Josep M. Delmuns.
Contractor: M. Vilella Constructor.