1. Outdoors gastronomical space.

This place offers a the wide diversity of outdoors eating and cooking possibilities. The tall neighbour houses turn the site into a canyon, with its own ultralocal conditions.

2. Temporality, reversibility and second life.

The plot is rented for fifteen years. This opens two scenarios: One is that the site will need to be vacated, leaving no scars. Therefore it makes sense to think of a fully disassemblable environment, that can be transported and reassembled elsewhere. The other is that the rental contract might be extended, and the restaurant slowly expands in this site.

3. Economy of means.

The budget is quite low. We will implement free, costless materials, such as air, sun and moon light, rain. Then, we need to look for ideas that give you three qualities for the price of one. Part of these will be productive, such as an orchard, fruit trees...

4. Local urban regulations. 

The local urban law expects this site to become a housing block. How can we turn it into what we need without breaking the law?