This mas was slowly transformed by a mason and the late grandfather. Through the years, on the weekends and holidays, he invented a magic, humble atmosphere. Starting from a 45 m2 basic house on two floors, he used his skills as a watchmaker to assemble several light, improvised porches where the family used to cook, eat and spend most of their time. A second outdoor house.

Architecture: David Tapias, project director; Ricard Pau.
Building engineer: Pep Borràs.
M/E: Josep M. Delmuns
Contractors: Aurea (builders), Fustes Borniquel (timber).

Vegetal structures:

Steel structures:

Outdoors gadgets:


As usual, the main building materials are for free -but not endless. Air, sunlight, breeze, weathers, neighbors, the garden planted by the late parents. The place is so full of objects, that we will end up taking more weight than adding.


Since last year, CLT panels are fabricated in the Pyrenees region. They are the closest big-size, carbon neutral components available. A good choice in case we need to build an extension.