This mas was slowly transformed by a mason and the late grandfather. Through the years, on the weekends and holidays, he invented a magic, humble atmosphere. Starting from a 45 m2 basic house on two floors, he used his skills as a watchmaker to assemble several light, improvised porches where the family used to cook, eat and spend most of their time. A second outdoor house.

Architecture: David Tapias, project director; Ricard Pau.
Building engineer: Pep Borràs.
M/E: Josep M. Delmuns
Contractors: Aurea (builders), Fustes Borniquel (timber).

Vegetal structures:

Steel structures:

Outdoors gadgets:


Since last year, CLT panels are fabricated in the Pyrenees region. They are the closest big-size, carbon neutral components available. A good choice in case we need to build an extension.