Resources are limited and can be monopolised.
Commons are shared, fragile, they belong to all of us, so we must take care of them.
From market resources to shared sources.
No more commodities. 

At hand. Transport is a great human ability.
Of course we have to change fast into non-poluting transportation systems.
But most of the times the enormous potential of what's at hand is not taken into account.
We keep discovering new ways to use costless materials that are really close to you.
Matter and energy you would never imagine that could be used as materials.
We prefer internalizing to externalizing.


In the so-called developed countries, the idea of a growing economy
is synonim to condemning the next generations well-being.
We have to stop resources consumption.
 Degrowing is an interesting body of thought.
But the sole idea of sustainable growth or degrowth makes no sense.
We strive for an ungrowing economy,
which is totally out of the growing boundaries,
with no consumption at all,
where the whole earth is not a resource but a commons.

No waste. All our proposals imply
ways of living and building
that maximize the use of free
and endless resources,
minimizing the consumption of energy deposits
and open-cycled materials.


There is no bad weather, only bad clothing or bad buildings.
We take the best of each local weather, building adaptive habitats, 
so you can enjoy indoors and outdoors
-thru the wind, the rain and the snow.

The way we have altered life on earth so far
is and will provoke radical changes
in the ways we have to adapt to our environments.
Even if we stopped poluting the world right now,
the damage is irreversible.
We have to start radically changing ourselves, not the climate.