'All of my work is directed against those who are bent, through stupidity or design,
on blowing up the planet or rendering it uninhabitable'.
William S. Burroughs.

Dwelling is collaborating

We listen to your needs.
From them, together we make the best possible habitat,
that can last, age and adapt to all changes
and uncertainties of your life,
and of others to come.
You are not our client. We work together to build up shared ideas.

Dwelling is making and building

Most of the users of our projects take an active part in the making of their place.
Some just paint or varnish, others build a whole part by themselves,
or with the help of local craftsmen.

Dwelling is transforming and adapting

All the habitats we build together are meant to be transformed by yourself,
and change yourself at the same time, 
adapting easily to your journey in life.

Dwelling is leaving traces, but above all leaving no junk behind.