From degrowing to ungrowing 

We are moving towards the use of closed cycle,
decomposable, direct energy and material systems.
Meanwhile we keep consuming less transformed resources,
less energy deposits.
It is a rigorous, complex search. 
Needing less, learning from what's poor.
At ease in frugality.

Dynamic Weather Systems

Around here you could live outdoors for six months.
For three months the sun heats too much,
then for three months it is too weak.
You would die without a shelter.
We are looking for ways to take advantage of these situations.
There are some local dangerous variations:
strong northwestern winds, heavy rainstorms, seasonal floods...
Not only we protect you from them,
but try to turn them into something useful.

Here we find two ecosystems in constant tension:
heavy contaminating industries
(nuclear power stations, petrochemical hubs, tourist ghettos)
and a struggling rural world
(abandoned hazel tree fields, ramshackle farms, small towns).

No waste

How can we transform an environment generating no waste during its whole cradle-to-cradle process?

At hand

Our territory has a raw materials scarcity,
and a lack of clean matter and energy transformation industries.
We need to innovate to make new ones.