From el Camp towards the Mediterranean

We work from and for a specific territory, among el Camp de Tarragona.
Minor places with leftover memories and forgotten presents.
We work from the premise that we can't consume more land,
and that we must give healthier habitats to it.


Far from any road.

The more we keep working, the more we keep learning, the lesser roads we find in our way.

Our constant questioning of reality and its possibilities lead us to uncharted territories, sometimes impenetrable, sometimes everyday deserts full of life, sometimes welcoming groves. It is a rather strange kind of loneliness that we have to keep learning to live with.

It is from and towards this wild, open, common yet extraordinary places where we're headed in search for the sources of our matter.

Knowledge, culture, tradition, science, design tools, are a light bag we carry from place to place, from project to project, not a paved road we can follow.

In these habitats, we are searching for: